Faculty and OSSJA - Your Syllabus

Your Syllabus

Regulation 537 of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate states requirements for undergraduate course outlines and office hours. Faculty are to "provide students with a course outline containing information regarding the anticipated: topical content of the course, amount and kind of work expected, and examination and grading procedures" and make available to students "the office hours of the instructor"... "by the end of the first week of instruction."

To promote academic integrity, prevent student misconduct, improve communication with students, and avoid potential grievances from students, faculty may find it useful to include the following kinds of information in a written course syllabus (and/or posted on the Internet):

  • Instructor name, office hours, and contact information;
  • Course title, subject and number;
  • Class dates, times, and locations;
  • Purpose/goals of course;
  • Topics to be covered and amount and kind of work required;
  • A schedule of readings, assignments, tests, and due dates;
  • Grading criteria and procedures, including weighting of assignments/tests;
  • Course expectations for respectful classroom participation and behavior to enhance student learning;
  • Rules regarding plagiarism, appropriate paraphrase, and citation format;
  • Guidelines for the amount of collaboration permitted on graded coursework;
  • Rules for examinations (e.g., no talking, closed/open-book or notes, no leaving exam room without permission, alternate seating);
  • Requirements for obtaining extensions of time (if permitted) and documenting absences; and
  • Policies and procedures for requesting re-grading of tests or assignments, if any.