Student Rights & Grievances - Grade Grievances

Grade Grievances

Students who have questions about a grade should first discuss their concerns with the instructor and request an explanation of the grading policy and computation. It is important to do so promptly, BEFORE the end of the quarter, because Academic Senate rules prevent any reassessment or reevaluation of a student's work once a final course grade is recorded.

Grades may not be changed once they have been submitted by the instructor UNLESS either a clerical error has been made (for example, a homework score is missing, or test score has been mis-recorded) or a procedural error has affected a student's grade. Procedural errors can include misapplication of campus or course rules, guidelines or grading procedures (such as rescheduling an exam without authorization, or misapplying the instructor's own grading policy). If the instructor agrees that a clerical or procedural error has been made, the grade can be changed by means of a petition filed by the instructor. A student may also request a change of grade by filing a petition (available from the department office) with the Registrar. Requests must be made by the fifth week of the following quarter. See Registrar's Office Grade Change Information.

If the faculty member does not concur in the student's request for a grade change, the student should contact the Deputy of Grade Changes in the Registrar's Office by emailing to obtain a grade change petition. The Academic Senate Committee on Grade Changes reviews all requests for grade change except the change from an "incomplete" grade to the final grade. The Grade Change Committee, like the instructor, has no authority to reassess or re-evaluate student work, but if it can be documented that a clerical or procedural error was made, the Committee has authority to alter the grade.