Student Rights & Grievances - Grievance Procedures

Grievance Procedures for Students

Students having questions or concerns about suspected arbitrary treatment, discrimination or harassment based on prohibited bias may seek informal assistance or file a formal grievance under P&PM Section 280-05 (including complaints about grades allegedly based on alleged discrimination). Complaints may be made against individual students, student organizations, staff, or faculty, or about a University policy, procedure, practice, or department. The student should provide a written statement of the concerns to the head of the department involved. If unsatisfied with the response, the student may contact Student Support and Judicial Affairs for information and assistance regarding available informal and formal grievance processes at (530) 752-1128.


Advice is also available from the Sexual Harassment Information Line (530) 752-2255. Graduate students may contact Graduate Studies (530) 752-0650 and/or the Graduate Student Association (530) 752-6108. Students should seek assistance as soon as possible, as a 30-day time limit applies to some grievance processes.

Formal complaint process

For a formal complaint, the student must show that the alleged prohibited discrimination occurred and that it caused harm to the student. If the student files a formal grievance, an investigator will be assigned to interview the student, the responding individual or department, and witnesses, and prepare a written report for the Dean or Vice Chancellor. The student may request a hearing if unsatisfied with the investigation results; the Dean or Vice Chancellor has discretion to determine whether a formal hearing should be granted.

Disciplinary Action against University Students, Staff, or Faculty

If a student's complaint is based on alleged misconduct by University employees or students, the relevant disciplinary procedures should be used to resolve the complaint.

Students: Alleged student violations of the UC Policy on Student Conduct & Discipline should be reported to OSSJA. "Student misconduct" may include alleged violations committed by student teaching assistants or other student employees in connection with their campus employment.

Staff: Alleged misconduct by UC Davis staff or administrators should be reported to the accused's supervisor or department head, who will review the facts. If misconduct is found, the department head may take corrective action in accord with applicable personnel policy or bargaining agreement. Privacy restrictions may preclude notice of discipline to the complaining party.

Faculty: Alleged misconduct by faculty members of the Academic Senate or Federation, including alleged violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct, should be reported to the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Director of Faculty Relations (752-0963) for review under Academic Personnel Manual Section 015 (Academic Senate) or 150 (lecturers/Teaching Assistants).

Campus employment: Grievances by students about their own campus employment are resolved under applicable personnel policies or bargaining agreements (Human Resources (752-6660)), or APM 140 for student academic appointees (Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel).

Other Complaints

For information and referrals regarding other complaints not falling into the above categories, please contact OSSJA. OSSJA can assist students in finding the appropriate contact office and procedure, if any.