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UC Policies on Student Conduct and Discipline

University-wide policies set forth basic requirements for campus disciplinary procedures.

Code of Academic Conduct

Based on a long-standing tradition of honor and integrity at the UC Davis campus, the Code of Academic Conduct places shared responsibility on students, faculty, and staff for upholding academic integrity.

Administration of Student Discipline

Provides procedures for resolving student disciplinary cases (alleged violations of university policies or campus regulations), and describes informal and formal processes, jurisdiction, hearing and appeal procedures, and sanctions.

Appendix F  Procedures for Student Cases of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Off-Campus Jurisdiction

Specifies authority of SJA to exercise jurisdiction over conduct that occurs off-campus (generally, when the alleged misconduct constitutes a serious threat to health, safety, or security, or when it involves academic work or University records, documents, or identifications).

Housing Policies

Students living in campus residence halls must comply with policies set forth in the Guide to Residence Hall Life.