Publications for Students:

Integrity: An Essential Piece of the Puzzle (624 KB)

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Integrity means being honest and living up to moral and ethical principles. It is an essential ingredient of a college career...

Avoiding Plagiarism: Mastering the Art of Scholarship (PDF 384KB)

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Under our Code of Acdemic Conduct, UC Davis Students are responsible for ethical scholarship, and for knowing what plagiarism is and how to avoid it...

Collaboration: When You Can and When You Can't Work with Others (PDF)

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Collaboration is working with another ... Sometimes collaboration may be permitted, other times it is not. The following information will help you be able to know when it is O.K. to work with others...

Why Integrity Matters (PDF 420KB)

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The key to integrity is consistency, not only setting high personal standards for oneself (honesty, responsibility, respect for others, fairness) but also living up to those standards each day...

Publications for Faculty:

What Faculty Need to Know About Student Judicial Affairs (PDF 736KB)

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Faculty who suspect cheating or some other misconduct should report the incident to SJA. SJA helps faculty to enforce the Code of Academic Conduct

Creating a Climate of Academic Integrity: Tips to Prevent Cheating (PDF 123KB)

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The following suggestions can help you promote academic integrity...

Responding to In-Progress Cheating (PDF 603KB)

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The UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct places shared responsibilty for upholding academic integrity on students and faculty. If you have reason to suspect cheating, ...

Reporting Academic Misconduct (PDF 124KB)

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Academic honesty is essential to preserve the integrity and excellence of a UC Davis education. Under the UCD Code of Academic Conduct...

Establishing Classroom Etiquette and Dealing with Disruption (PDF)

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The tone of classroom interaction has a significant impact on the
educational environment. ... [S]ome students may be unaware of
University behavioral standards or the impact of their actions on others ...

An Instructor's Guide to Preventing, Confronting, and Reporting Plagiarism (PDF 196KB)

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To encourage prevention and consistent handling of suspected academic dishonesty by instructors, the following information provides an overview of university policy, as well as advice from experienced instructors. ...

Publications on Policies and Procedures:

The UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct (PDF)

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All members of the academic community are responsible for the academic integrity of the Davis campus. Existing policies forbid cheating...

The Administration of Student Discipline (PDF) (Word.doc)

The student disciplinary system at the University of California, Davis, has been established to resolve suspected violations of...

University of California Standards of Conduct for Students (32 KB)

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The student disciplinary system at the University of California, Davis, has been established to support the mission of the campus...

Off-Campus Jurisdiction (PDF 96KB)

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SJA has disciplinary jurisdiction over academic and social misconduct by students that occurs on UC Davis property or in connection with campus functions, activities, equipment, or facilities...

Quick Guide to Privacy of Student Records (PDF)

Summary of policies about privacy and confidentiality of student records.

Student Disciplinary Sanctions and Administrative Actions (PDF 92KB)

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The following disciplinary sanctions and administrative actions may be applied at UC Davis...

The Student Disciplinary System (PDF)

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A brief overview of the UC Davis student disciplinary system and procedures, including the informal and formal hearing processes and types of sanctions...