Reporting Misconduct

How to Report

Reports of academic or social misconduct may be sent to SJA by any of the following means:

(1) Online Reporting - Once a report is submitted, you will be taken to a confirmation screen indicating that your report was successfully submitted to SJA. You will then be sent an email with an assigned case number unique to your case.

(2) delivered or mailed to:

Office of Student Judicial Affairs
University of California, Davis
3200 Dutton Hall
Davis, CA 95616

(3) faxed to 530-754-6195

(4) emailed to

Reporting parties should provide a brief description of the suspected misconduct with the accused student's identifying information and contact information for the reporting party. Please retain a copy of all documents submitted to SJA in a safe location.

Timeliness of Complaints

Referrals to SJA for suspected academic or social misconduct must be sent to SJA within 60 days after the end of the quarter in which the alleged misconduct occurred. Suspected misconduct discovered after the 60-day period may still be addressed through the disciplinary process as determined by the Director of Student Judicial Affairs.