Reporting Social Misconduct

When to Report

Referrals to OSSJA for suspected student misconduct must be sent to OSSJA within 60 days after the end of the quarter in which the suspected social misconduct was discovered.

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Standards of Conduct

Kinds of social misconduct that should be reported promptly to SJA included: (a) threats of violence; (b) possession or use of weapons, (c) stalking, (d) illegal use, possession, or distribution of alcohol or other controlled substances, (e) forgery or misuse of identification or records (including credit card fraud and identity theft); (f) providing false information to the University;(g) theft; (h) possession of stolen property; (i) misuse of, or unauthorized entry to, University property; (j) vandalism; (k) violation of UC Davis policies regarding electronic communications resources, including computers, email, or other such resources; and (j) obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, or other University activities.

Ignorance of the law or standards of conduct is not a defense. Students who violate the rules are subject to discipline including Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal. Students who commit crimes can be criminally prosecuted as well as disciplined by the campus.

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Off-Campus Jurisdiction

OSSJA has discretion to exercise jurisdiction over conduct which occurs off-campus and which would violate student conduct and discipline policies or regulations if the conduct occurred on campus when (1) the alleged misconduct indicates the student may be a threat to the safety or security of members of the University community or University property, functions or facilities, or (2) the alleged misconduct involves academic work or any records, documents, or identifications of the University.

Specifically, Student Support and Judicial Affairs may choose to exercise jurisdiction over off-campus incidents under section (1) above where the alleged misconduct involves (a) rape or sexual assault, (b) any other physical assault, (c) threats of violence, (d) conduct that threatens the health or safety of any person; (e) stalking or sexual harassment; (f) possession or use of weapons, explosives, or destructive devices; (g) use, sale, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances, including alcohol; (h) hate crimes; (i) hazing; and (j) other serious misconduct posing a threat to safety of individuals or security of property such as fraud, felony burglary, robbery, theft, etc.

In determining whether or not to exercise off-campus jurisdiction in such cases, Student Support and Judicial Affairs will consider the seriousness of the alleged offense, the risk of harm involved, whether the victim(s) and/or witnesses are members of the campus community and/or whether the off-campus conduct is part of a series of actions which occurred both on and off-campus.

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How to report:

Online reports are encouraged.  Reports may also be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs 3200 Dutton Hall (530) 752-1128 (530) 754-6195 (fax) or by e-mail to:

A brief report should should be submitted in writing giving the name and contact information of the reporting party, the accused student's name and other identifying information, a description of the suspected incident of misconduct (including date, location, and names of witnesses, if available). Enclose the originals or copies of any relevant documents (for example, photos), but make sure to retain your own copy of documents sent to OSSJA in a secure location.

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