Student Rights & Grievances

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Student Rights


At the University of California, students, staff, and faculty have constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly and worship, as well as rights to due process, equal protection, and freedom from illegal discrimination. The UC Davis campus provides advice and assistance to students for answering questions and resolving concerns about their rights, as well as informal and formal grievance procedures. University and campus policies and standards protect and promote the rights of all members of the campus community, prevent disruption or interference with the teaching, research, administrative, and public service functions of the University, and ensure every student a fair opportunity to pursue academic excellence. The following campus procedures and resources are available to assist students in resolving grievances and complaints.

Suggestions for Students:

Students are encouraged, whenever possible, to discuss a complaint directly with the department or individual responsible for the decision or action about which they have concerns, calmly and objectively. If there is reason to feel such a discussion would be unproductive, or if the student is unable to resolve the problem through informal discussion, the student should contact the department chair and/or other resources identified in this document. Before meeting with the individual and/or department chair, the student should prepare a written account of the issues, providing as many details and supporting documents as possible. If the issue remains unresolved after meeting with the individual or department chair, the student may contact SJA for information and advising regarding available informal and formal grievance processes. Because strict time limits apply to many of these formal processes, consult advisory offices promptly.

Finally, one cautionary note:

Students should always follow appropriate procedures in pursuing any complaints. University rules prohibit obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other University activities (Section 102.13) and failure to comply with directions of a University official, or resisting or obstructing such officials in performing their duties (Section 102.16). Disruption includes conduct which disturbs, interferes with, or prevents normal campus functions and activities, such as yelling, using profanity, or verbally intimidating or abusing others, or demanding an immediate appointment or response. Students who violate these policies may be subject to disciplinary action.